Thursday, July 16, 2009


T-Shirt USB Thumb Drive 1GB
100pcs - RM26.00/pc
500pcs - RM24.50/pc

T-Shirt USB Thumb Drive 2GB
100pcs - RM37.00/pc
500pcs - RM35.50/pc

Victory - Novelty V Sign Ball Pen
100pcs - RM2.18/pc
500pcs - RM2.09/pc

Universal World Travel Adaptor
100pcs - RM13.40/pc
500pcs - RM12.80/pc

T Egg Shape Clock
100pcs - RM7.50/pc
500pcs - RM7.20/pc

Penta Highlighter
100pcs - RM3.36/pc
500pcs - RM3.18/pc

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